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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Cocl� Jungle Cultures
Celebrating Our 27th Anniversary  1988-2015

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  Master Agriculturalist Veto is the means behind The Panama Jungle  study.  Veto is sought out by many of The Panama Jungle Region farmers and crop specials.  A jack of all trades, Veto is a house builder and road engineer for The Panama Ministry of Public Works.  He, his 8 kids and wife of 32 years are the back bone of  The Panama Jungle Project.  Veto just turned 58 years old in June 2013.
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   About The Panama Jungle
Twenty Five years ago all outsiders were known as "La Jente De Aya" or "The People From The Distance".  Now that the road has arrived and the last bridge is completed, the old ways of life are going to change and be gone within the next generation.  We have built over 5 houses on the mountain side from which we can conduct the continuing culture study.  This photos is of my daughter with some of her cousins and her uncle Veto. 

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Our documentation and cultural study.  The Panama Jungle Project is always working and looking for new subjects and ideas to explore in this remote environment. We are currently working on 5 videos to show the life and culture of the Cocl� mountain jungles. 
All photographs on this website were taken by Blake Spurlin


Original team organizer, Fred Spurlin, took his first trip to the San Miguel River Valley in 1984.  It is through his inspiration that The Panama Jungle Project exist.


This website is dedicated to his memory


My father, Fred Spurlin moved our family to Panama in 1974 as the Librarian of Canal Zone College. From 1976 till 1979 he served as the Deputy Superintendent of The Canal Zone Schools system.  In 1978 he took on the task of renovating Building 861 on Albrook Air Force Base in order to facilitate the move of the Panama Canal Company Schools to the post treaty US Department of Defense School System.  My father built the first darkroom and started the first photography classes at Canal Zone College, a US territory at that time.

His talents are the driving force that have put together the visual and cultural study makeup of this website.

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