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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Coclé Jungle Cultures
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The Coclé Province of Panama is the 2nd province to have established statehood in the Republic.  Being the first province toward the Panama Interior, Coclé is a popular weekend destination for the entire country.  Just over an hour out of Panama City, Coclé is close as well.  Coclé's 200,000 population makes for a sparse population with cattle and agriculture being its main product.  The capital of Coclé is Penonome.  The Pan American Highway breaks away from its coastal path inland to reach the capital.  The Continental Divide is the source of study for this website.  The town of San Miguel is closer to the Atlantic Ocean than the Pacific Ocean.

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 Coclé - The 2nd Province of Panama

Coclé is know as the home of the Panama hat, some of the best selections of Panama hats are available in the province capital Penonome.  The top row of hats are $55 and the bottom row is $15.  Penonome has many hotels and restaurants including McDonald's.

A number of resorts are in Coclé.  Panama City has now extended to La Chorrera. The traditional beaches of Gorgona, Coronado and Paul Mar are very active and popular however Coclé is not the home of many world class resorts.  The old American World War II air base at Santa Clara is being restored for a tourism port to accommodate the resorts with charter flights direct to Coclé bypassing the congestion of Panama City.

A walk through Penonome Market Video coming in October 2013


A hand carved wooden had mold.

The old bus shell set on the back of a cargo truck type bus
is still used for many bus routes in Coclé.

General Vitoriano Lorenzo is a Coclé hero for fighting the Columbians in the 10,000 days war


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