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If you have ever heard of an almanac the chances are you don't know how to use one.   The thatched roof has been the staple of homes in the tropical regions for millennia.   There is only one palm used to complete the task in Cocl�, the Royal Palm.  The trick to making these palm frawns is cutting them from the tree at the right phase of the moon.  The almanac is still used to achieve this task.  The mud hut is quickly disappearing with roads reaching town to town cement reaching towns on a daily basis.  
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 Revolutionary Housing Changes - 1,000 Years To Present In 15 years

Most mud houses were originally thatched roofed.  This house in Tambo has been adapted to a zinc roof.  Obviously the years and weather have taken their toll.

The Mud House Was 1 of 2 Housing Types
For As Far Back As The Elders Can Remember

The stick wall house may be an older design than the mud house but all of the elders remember both from the beginning

The thatched roof house came next.  The Royal Palm frawns are cut by the timing of the moon to keep the insects and elements from destroying them.  Veto tells me at one time walls were made in log cabin style but when the 2 man saw made it to them the whole concept changed.   With the slice boards the walls could be changed easily from house with porch to full walled house in less than an hour.  The digging of a hill can make for shelter as well.  The problem is the water shed during a rainstorm

The next major change was the zinc roof.  The house  is not as cool as with the thatch roof but the security and dryness of the house is a mark improvement.  The noise during a rain storm can be so loud that you cannot talk till the rain ends.

Veto with his equipment in front of his first home construction in 2001

To build the above house all the cement blocks had to be made by hand. Here Veto's brother Ramon presses cement into the jig used to make all 600 blocks used in the construction of the house. 
Just the block preparation took 2 weeks.  During that time the first blocks were used to set the area of the foundation.  As the blocks cured the progress of the house made more completion with the construction of the doors and the cutting of the rebar.

This is the work area of the cement block jig.  The right section is filled with cement and the left wooden bars are forced into the block area to create the three hollow holes of the cement block. Forty bags of cement were used to complete the house. 


The double block layer of foundation flooring was laid in last

Thatched roof dwellings have many 2 types of use, open kitchen ceiling and storage ceiling.  The kitchen high roof setting is open and has openings in the corner to let the smoke out.  The opposite end is open air above the 8 foot wall height.  This allows extra air movement to keep the breathing environment tolerable inside the kitchen

Special care has to be taken at all times not to burn down the building with open fires used for cooking.


This is the sink and wash area to the same kitchen shown above

The second type of thatched roof house is used for storage.  Of course you would never use the kitchen environment for storage due to the smoke, the high ceiling of the thatched roof is just right to keep your stuff.  The use of plastic bags and plastic buckets keep the vermin and moisture out of the storage.  All of the lumber had been cut from trees on the estate.  The 2 man saw was used for years but now the chain saw has taken over as the chief means of cutting lumber to boards.  Here the cooking lena is kept dry under the thatched roof .

Home made doors show off a touch of artistry

Nothing like having a convertible wall home.  This house can be arranged 4 different fashions


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