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at age 8

The Panama Jungle - Person Of The Month

photos and story by blake

Anaxemedis, Miki, is one of the holdouts that has stayed on the

mountain to live his life.  Miki is now 25 years old and works the family land that has been in the family for more. generations than can be remembered. His day starts at 5am when he wakes to start the coffee for his family that live in the surrounding 5 homes.  From there he hits the trail to the family field that needs attending for the day.  The main crops are Yucca, Name, & Rice.  Miki has 4 brothers and one sister all of whom still live in the the family estate,  the youngest is 3 years of age.

On the days that a newspaper arrives, Miki reads it from front to back.  Having never had a television for miles around, a news paper is a welcome sight.  Now that the road is near, newspapers come more often. 
Mike has found work on farms in distant provinces'.  He prefers the rural environment rather than the city.  Most of his cousins, including Juan from above, have taken to the lure of the city life. 

Miki crossing the San Miguel River in 2004
Miki is an expert river fisherman

Miki attended the local school system, that was founded by his grandfather, till 6th grade.  Only 3 years after his last year, the school was extended to a 9th grade system.  Being he had been out for 3 years he was too old to be reaccepted for further education.

Miki with his mom and 2 brothers - 1996

Two years ago Miki married, his wife Romi, they are shown here in front of their unfinished home.  Miki and Romi finished their home in late 2012 and now have running water.  Currently Miki is working with the neighbor family.  It is harvest season and the community comes together to help each other. The average work day starts at 7am till 3pm.  In many cases this requires walking on the jungle trails early morning in the dark.  The daily pay is $15 and, most of the time, includes lunch. Miki usually meets Romi at her parents house, in San Miguel, for dinner at 4pm.  The trail home from there is usually in the dark so they always carry flashlights.  Some moonlight nights a flashlight is not necessary.    

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