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Our Mission:  To Document & Learn The Panama Coclé Jungle Cultures
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The trails in the jungle only handle so many forms of transportation.   Now that the road has reached the far out reaches, there are busses scheduled 3 times a day to San Miguel Centro.  The new bridge over the San Miguel River makes the last stint of the trip much less bumpy.  During the rainy season it is not advised to try the trip to San Miguel by car.  A high profile truck or SUV with good grip tires will make the trip.  A 4x4 is always preferred and depending on the rain may still be necessary.   Boat transportation is mostly done in the Darien Jungle and not the Coclé Jungle.
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Equine Load Expert
The Art Of Arriving To A Jungle Destination

There are many ways to see the remote areas of the jungle but walking is the best way to really get the full jungle experience.  Travel by horse is a great time but you pass too many things without even knowing it.  Getting to the jungle can be a easy ride in a personal vehicle or you can take the truck.  The truck can be very trying in that you may only get half a seat and you are in the back facing to the side.  If you have any type of car sickness the truck is not a good option. 

Some days there are actual busses that maintain the schedule, this is not just better but a fun experience.  Even if the bus goes to the town before your destination you can, sometimes, pay extra to get the bus driver to take you to the end of the road.   The extra amount usually comes to a couple of dollars.  It is always a good idea to tip.  You never know when you are going to need good service.

Boat travel in The Coclé jungle is rare.  The rivers aren't deep enough and if it is deep enough it would probably be a flash flood.

The back seat is a big part of having a good bus ride experience.  This is due to the constant movement of people entering and exiting the bus.  The ability to have horses waiting at your destination is the most important part.  If you are going to carry food, ice, and personal items you will not be able to carry this yourself.  I have had up to 7 horses waiting at one time.  Boots are great on the trail and tennis shoes are fine but if it is raining you are better off with boots.  

Because of the mandatory river crossing of pre bridge completion.  Four wheel driver trucks were converted to people transports in order to cross the San Miguel River.  The trucks hold 10 people in the back.  The roof of the back is sturdy construction for carrying store goods and the personal effects of the passengers.

Soon actual busses will be brought in to transport to and from the Pan American Highway.  This is due to the completion of the San Miguel River bridge.                 

The Last Bridge to the Town Of San Miguel is now complete. 
The open day was April 8, 2013


Juan with his first horse at age 11

Juan, at age 22, leads the Horse Teams for Provisions and Tourist

The Last Traveling Campesino
I stopped what I was doing to pull over to get this photo.  A police escort is protecting a man with his 4 horses to travel the AutoPista, a interstate style road, in the La Chorrera Area.  A very rare sight.



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